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General Information

  • Stage 1 TT will be Friday morning and contested by ALL categories. Stage 2 Waitsburg RR Friday afternoon, following Categories only-P 1-2 Mn, P 1-2 Wm, Cat 3 Mn, Mstrs Mn.. Stage 3 Downtown Walla Walla crit. Saturday morning all categories. Stage 4 Kellogg Hollow RR on Sunday all categories.
  • Time bonuses for top three placings in the RR(s) and crit. The Tech Guide has the details.
  • Sign-in will be required for the crit and Sunday's road race.
  • Pro-1-2 men team competition will based on each team's top three racers' accumulated time.
  • Pro-1-2 men teammates riding for Team GC prizes must wear matching jerseys (leader's jersey excepted).
  • USCF rules require junior gears for juniors, even in category races.
  • Prizes, click for details.
  • A Leader's jersey will be awarded to the GC leader after each stage in the Men's Pro-1-2, Cat 3 and Master's categories, and the Women's 1-2 category. The GC winner in each of the other categories may purchase a leader’s jersey for $65 depending on supply. That’s a great price, and you earned it.
  • P 1-2 Wm and Wm 3 will ride only Stage 4 together
  • No time cuts in any categories.
  • Northwest Technical Support to provide neutral support for Pro-1-2 field and support for all races in the crit.

Stage Information

Friday's road race will be contested by the Pro-1-2's, Cat 3's, and Masters 40+. All groups will compete in Sunday's road race on the Kellogg Hollow course.

The Pro-1-2 Men will have both sides of the road throughout both road races. They will have a caravan, with team cars allowed for teams of 5 or more. No Vans, SUVs or other tall vehicles. No opaque windows (USAC rule 3C4). 

Stage Descriptions

Details are in the Tech Guide.

Stage 1: Wilson Hollow Time Trial 

Wilson Hollow TT, 6.8 mile gentle out and back with with small kicker at the start, fast return on good roads.


Stage 2: Waitsburg Road Race

Staging will be on 10th Street at Coppei Ave (Hwy 12) in Waitsburg. The race begins with a neutral, 2-mile climb. The speed will be held to about 8 to 9 mph, but warming up is recommended anyway. 

The climb goes up Middle Waitsburg Road past the summit/finish line, where the race will begin. The course goes right at Ferris Road (about mile 7.3 from the staging location). Another right onto Lower Waitsburg Road (mile 9.8), left on Hwy 124 (mile 15.7), right on 

Bolles Rd (mile 16.5), right on Waitsburg's Main Street (mile 20.0), left on 8th (NOT 3rd),  

right on Coppei Ave, right on Middle Waitsburg Road. 


The feed zone is on Lower Waitsburg Rd at the grain elevator a mile or so from the top. Support people should park at the grain elevator (left side of road). Feeding will be on the right side (as usual). 




The mountain points line is at the top of the hill on Middle Waitsburg Rd. For those warming up on the road, a good place is on 8th St two blocks north of the parking and staging areas.

Directions to Parking (for Stage 1, 2 and Stage 4 Road Races): 
Take Hwy 12 to Waitsburg, turn east (right if coming from Walla Walla) on 10th. Parking for both road races will be at the fairgrounds and the high school baseball field. Both Road Races will stage on 10th at Coppei Ave (Hwy 12). 

Stage 3: Criterium

Still Downtown! Course shortened due to road work. Updated map in the Tech Guide.


Stage 4: Kellogg Hollow Road Race

Please warm up on trainers or on 8th Street. Do not cross Coppei Ave during warm-up.

Staging will be at 10th & Coppei in Waitsburg. The race will be neutral for the first ½-¾ mile until after crossing the rough, angled and NOT covered railroad tracks. Caution is advised. You will encounter these tracks again on the return, but that will be after the race finish.

The course turns right on McKay-Alto Road. About 7 miles after the start, there will be a hard right turn to begin a 27-mile loop. For details on the loop, view the map. After completing the loop for the last time (some groups do the loop two to three times (see table above)), the finish line will be back on McKay-Alto Rd about 3.5 miles past the end of the loop. 

There are two sharp left turns requiring extreme caution. They are at the bottom of high-speed descents. One is 15.5 miles into the race, the other 26.5 miles. Groups doing multiple laps will go through these turns multiple times.

Feed zone is located at the top of Whetstone after turning off McKay-Alto. This is located at the start of the loop section of the course across from the grain elevator. Support personnel parking will be located at the grain elevator (left side of road); feeding will be on the right.

Directions to Parking (for Stage 1 and Stage 4 Road Races): 
Take Hwy 12 to Waitsburg, turn east (right if coming from Walla Walla) on 10th. Parking for both road races will be at the fairgrounds and the high school baseball field. Both Road Races will stage on 10th at Coppei Ave (Hwy 12).

Check the Tech Guide for more detailed information.